Tuesday, 30 September 2014

30 Sept

End of Sept already!! What's going on! Time is flying. So, today is Tuesday, I tell you this because the time span is important! I went to the gym with Grant (hubby) did an upper body workout, came home, feeling fab, 4 days later I no longer have use of my arms!
Taking the summer off the gym, has proved to be the worst decision. I feel like I look like a T-Rex!
Other than that, the day has gone as usual, and hour for the school run, come home, washing, kitchen, bedrooms, plan a lesson, and then work!
Serious suntan sesh on the playground at lunchtime. 20 degrees, I'll take that for a Tuesday lunchtime on the last day of Sept!! still not sure whether to put my summer clothes away, with this sunshine though, don't think they're going anywhere!
Was at work today, a little reception kid says "I've finished my lunch, I'd like to go home now!"
Moments like this make my job worthwhile! I smile a lot while I work. Kids say and do the best things! so many funny moments on the playground!
So in the mood for a trip up to London, I'm born to be a Lady who lunches, preferably The Ritz, The Terrace at Harrods, I'd even take a table in Covent Garden, I'm not fussy :)
See what my Free Friday brings, not working fridays is going to be awesome! watch out for my Friday Frolics!!:)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

So, I've been away for a while! So much has happened, my life is just as busy, I'm still doing school runs.... even more now! I've moved into another phase of life, we've made it out of Infants at school! My goodness, when did that happen???  Well, this month actually! :) Our youngest, Imogen, aka, Boo, Midge, Boogaloo, Moo Moo, i could go on,  has made it to the Junior section of the school. She joins the ranks of the older school kids! She gets to go out to play first, watch for her class board go up when the whistle goes on the playground, and run at top speed with the rest of her class to the line, where they are counted, told to dress for lunch ( tuck in shirts), and walk to the hall to collect their lunch boxes, and sit down to eat the lunch that someone elses mum has made, in the old time tradition of lunchtime swapsies!! Never again am I to grace the doors of the Infants school! 

Oh Well....... onwards and upwards! 

I'm addicted to Pinterest, I  seriously need to start looking for a support group, anyone with the same problem, send me a pin telling me about it! :) It's my way of relaxing, I have quotes coming out of my ears, it does make me sound wise though when asked for advice, must remember to leave out 'I saw a pin that's perfect' ha.

Get ready for an overload of 'My advice!

Snippets of my day, fab pins, fashion, and really my life is all to come, get into my head if you dare, hope to give you a smile a day!! :) x

Friday, 14 October 2011

Just got back from Imogens school safety walk!! So glad it's my last one... I think after 6 of them I am the safest person on the streets!! I also found out that illuminous yellow is not my colour! So Lollipop lady is off the job list!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Mummy says!!

Mummy sayd that everything has beauty but not everyone sees it!

Mummy says that men perspire....ladies glisten!

Mummy says that snowflakes are kisses from heaven!

Mummy says that the essentials to happiness are something to love, something to do and something to hope for!

Mummy says...to those who can dream, there is no such place as far away!

Mummy says that if fitness came in a bottle, everyone would have a great body!

Mummy says that a mans work is from sun to sun, but a mothers work is never done!

Mummy says that the best thing to steal, is a kiss from a sleeping child!

Mummy says that she'd rather have flowers on her table than diamonds on her neck!

Mummy says that our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them!

Mummy says that the most beautiful view is the one i share with you!

Mummy says that if you develop a passion for learning, you will never cease to grow


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Four of my kids ready for a new school year!!!

99 strikes again!

Today I woke up thinking I wanted to achieve something. Well its 9:21am and I have completed my task! I was just walking home from the school run and sending some emails on my phone, head, down and concentrating hard. I started walking up the drive, and half way up realised it wasn't my house!!  ha ha. I have achieved making a wally of myself!!! :)